Im confused with all the buttons.. Tredlort , Jul 4, But anyways thank you! My Compaq Presario EU is working good! I just insert my dxdiag here, just so you guys could check I installed the right drivers. May 4, Messages: Take care, and best of luck, – Randomness.

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Hello and ty very much, Im installing them right now! PresarioJul 27, Take care – Randomness. After both are installed, run The DirectX Diagnostic program dxdiag.

From everything i’ve read up on the graphics platform used for Second Life, you may still run into minor preformance issues, because almost all new 3D platforms these days try to impliment graphics programming that require Shaders version 1. Someone asked about it on this forum 2 years ago and it’s heavy on 3D–imagine the Sims, but with more interactive and user-created content.

I had a lot of tries at installing various version of Catalyst, and discovered the fact below.

Forgot to mention, I’m using a M. Now it says problem with my ari semuconductor dpBased pci fas ethernet adapter”, not sure if it is becose of the drivers or becose of disabling modem.

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Well it is now in use but cant test it to work atm, with wireless atm. This is windiws inherant problem with some systems where the manufacture hasn’t updated the BIOS for a long time.

Can’t find ATI Radeon IGP 340M drivers for winXP and win98

Alot of work, but this laptop’s been with me for nearly 6 years and to Iraq and back. TredlortJul 4, Try using the Modded CX drivers available in the public folder of my skydrive. May 13, Messages: Driver on Microsoft Catalog. Shogun radwon, Mar 13, I had another few goes at trying to get the driver to work with no success.

RandomnessJul 5, May 4, Messages: Please consult the previous posts on how to conduct the modded driver install. Yes, my radeonn is: I’ve been using these drivers for a while, and the modem-crash glitch is the only issue that i have encountered.

Took me nearly 4 days to read the entire thread. Take care, and best of luck, – Randomness.

The hardware ID no. You may get core driver support in some scenerios, but will probably run into advanced rendering issues somewhere else.


AMD/ATI Radeon IGP M mobility drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 32bit

Someone had M and Im not sure did I download the same drivers, or was it some other. Koos82May 4, It is a similar procedure to install the modded video 340k/345m. RandomnessAug 12, RandomnessMar 16, No, create an account now. Because i don’t have time to repeat myself, i will keep this short: It’s a shame because my laptop copes with Windows 7 really well, starts up quickly, can run many programs at once, never slows down, but vizualizations windowz wmp are lagging, it even lags when you drag a window or scroll down a page, shows that it really needs a driver.

Is it possible to get catalyst control center with this driver?